The Hispanic-American Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Association


Asthma Olympics

HAAMA is the organizer and host of the Asthma Olympics in Los Angeles.


Asthma mortality has been consistently on the rise since 1980.  In the United States the highest increases in incidents of asthma have been in lower income portions of the inner cities.   The highest mortality rate in the United States due to asthma related ailments occurs in young adult males; of which minorities, African Americans and Hispanics have had the highest mortality rates.  Our primary concern falls upon the Spanish population; this is the minority with the most rapidly increasing population rate.   In certain parts of the country, such as the city of Los Angeles, CA, Hispanic students already constitute the majority of some elementary schools.

    HAAMA's goal is the organization of qualified physicians, scientists and community activists who meet to promote the study, research, education, and care of Allergic and Immunologic diseases related to the Hispanic population.


Mission Statement

HAAMA: A bilingual allergy and asthma educational source for physicians and patients since 1981